How to Install Smartfren USB Modem Evdo on Mac OS X

smartfren connex EC1261-2 UIHy there,,, Its been long time, I didnt write anything on this blog…
At previous time I’ve made a tutorial about Mac Trick how to Use / Install Vodafone K3565 USB Stick Mobile Broadband on Your Macbook / Mac OS and Today Mac Tricks | Windows Tips will share you how to Install a SMARTFREN USB MODEM EVDO in your mac os x.

Few days ago, I`ve Bought a USB Modem and the brand is Smartfren. First time I was little bit hesitant when I saw this stuff if I can Install it on My Macbook or Not, But I tried to bought and install it on my Mac.

At first I was a little difficult to install the application/software of this device because, when I plug it in my MACbook, then a new window will comes up and contains a Software of this device and it has name SMARTFREN CONNEX EC1261-2 UI, but the problem is the software is not legible when I double-click it (It isn’t Run at all).

Then I tried to Solve this problem, Here are the way that I got:

  1. First of all, when you already seen the file which named SMARTFREN CONNEX EC1261-2 UI as I told you before DO NOT double click it.
  2. RIGHT Click on the File and select Show Package Contents.
  3. And then try to Navigate Content –> Resources
  4. In the resources you will found a file which named MobilePartner.Mpkg
  5. That its the real file to run this software, DOUBLE CLICK it and then follow all the instructions until the process end.
  6. After Installed you can click CONNECT and your USB Modem EVDO ready to Use.

I guess thats all guys… I hope this will help you. If you have any concern dont forget to put your comment.

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